Everyone has a story. Mine is not significantly different from anyone else. I would like to share it with you to give perspective how I came to love food and the people that I call my friends.

I grew up in a small village more north than most people care to inhabit. My family was working class and in my formative years growing up, my father would come home from work. Always one hour later we would sit down to the family meal. He provided a modest living for us. We knew not how food came to our table, just that it brought us together. We shared this time talking about life and how to better understand each other.  Love and affection came from these times. My mother prepared our meals on a small stove and a single pot that they bought when they were first married. I knew no other experience and rarely had an outside meal till I was 18 years old. I left my childhood home to pursue my education and the world opened my eyes in ways that I could never imagine. Food became suddenly exciting. I was exposed to a world that developed into a career. I met chefs from around the world, tasted foods from every continent and ate in the finest restaurants.

To this day it seems much like a dream.

I’ve been fortunate to have this education in the science of heat and refrigeration. Cooking is no longer a mystery. The advent and development of beautiful functional equipment has been an integral part of my cooking experience. The design sense and style of modern culinary equipment is what drives pride and passion in todays home. My wife and I spend a lot of our time talking about our days experience about food and life in our kitchen. The kitchen is our centre.